Duke Energy is the new Energy Star

Duke Energy CEO John P. Leighton is stepping down.

His exit will leave the company’s $5.5 billion energy business, which includes a $3 billion energy purchase agreement with Exelon Corp. and a $1 billion commitment to energy efficiency programs.

Duke Energy’s chief financial officer, Daniel H. Karp, will assume the role of acting CEO, according to a release.

Lebow, who is currently a consultant for the company, will serve as interim chief executive until a successor is named. 

“We are delighted to announce John Leighton’s appointment to the position of interim chief financial and chief executive officer of Duke Energy,” Duke Energy said in a statement.

“John’s extensive experience in the energy sector and his extensive background in the technology and operations of Duke Power are critical to our continued success as a leading energy company. 

In his role as interim CEO, Leighton will serve on a team of senior executives and key decision-makers in the business and will oversee and oversee the business operations and operations, as well as oversee our energy portfolio and operations.”

Leighton has worked for the Duke Energy company since 2009 and has led the energy division since 2014. 

Duke Energy said Leighton, who will be paid $1.5 million per year, will “lead the company as an independent director with responsibility for strategic decisions, investments, acquisitions, acquisitions-related transactions, and all other business functions.” 

Leighton is currently the director of energy strategy and portfolio, and the group was responsible for executing the $5 billion purchase agreement. 

Leightnes announcement comes amid a string of high-profile corporate departures in recent weeks, including billionaire investor Bill Gates’ departure from Microsoft, and Walmart CEO Doug McMillon’s departure from the company.

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