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Energy vampires have been around for a long time, but now they have been making some big moves in the energy space.

Enphase has recently entered the market with a deal to purchase the Energy Vampire portfolio, the latest in a growing list of acquisitions.

Energy vampires are a growing group of companies that are seeking to increase their investment in renewable energy.

Their energy products are based on solar and wind energy, but they also offer batteries and storage for electric vehicles.

Envisys chief executive officer, Dr David Chiu, said in a statement that the company had taken a “deeper look” at energy vampires and wanted to “support and accelerate the evolution of renewable energy”.

Envisys portfolio includes Enphase, Enphase Power and Enphase Solar.

Envision Solar is a solar battery and storage product that Envisy is looking to buy.

EnVision Power is an energy storage product and energy storage company that Envisions has recently purchased. 

Energy vampires have grown to include companies that offer energy storage, batteries and solar energy.

The energy storage and battery industry is expected to grow at about 15 per cent this year, according to the Energy Storage Association (ESAA), and the energy storage market is expected, in 2018, to be worth US$9.5 billion, according the International Energy Agency.

The Envisya Power Energy Storage portfolio, which includes Envision, Envision Power and Solar, has a combined market value of $1.1 billion.

Envys Energy Vampire is the largest energy storage portfolio in the industry, with $4.2 billion in total assets, according data from Gartner.

Enviys is looking for investors to purchase Enphase’s Energy Vampire business, which has an investment value of US$3.1bn.

Envisy Power has a market value in excess of $2.5bn, according Gartners, and the company has plans to acquire Envision Energy Storage, a $3.4 billion investment portfolio. 

Envys Solar Power has an estimated market value on its books of US $2 billion. 

“The Envixys portfolio reflects a significant portion of the energy industry’s growth, as a result of strong growth in both residential and commercial electricity demand, increased storage and increased PV deployment, while increasing the amount of renewable electricity available to meet demand,” Dr Chiu said in the statement.

“This growth is driven by new generation, new capacity and increased grid integration, and will drive the growth of the portfolio.” 

Envisya Solar Power is a large PV and battery company, with a market capitalisation of about $1 billion, with its portfolio valued at $2bn.

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