Gravitational potential solar energy could save us $1bn in electricity costs

By 2030, as solar power reaches a plateau, energy analysts predict that this could be the biggest energy savings ever achieved, as we shift towards solar energy.

The Green Energy Foundation has launched a campaign to find a way to help make solar energy affordable.

The organisation is looking at ways of reducing the cost of solar energy, which they believe will help save customers money.

The campaign is calling on governments to introduce legislation that would reduce the amount of money a household has to pay to generate electricity.

The Government says it would introduce a bill for solar energy by 2020 that would have the biggest impact on people’s electricity bills.

Groups like Greenpeace, the Consumers Energy Trust and the Solar Energy Industries Association have called for a wholesale price for solar to be introduced to protect the environment.

The Coalition says it is already in the process of establishing a solar energy policy, which will include a national standard for the cost and quality of solar.

Greens are calling on the Government to commit to a wholesale solar price, which would provide consumers with the best value possible.

Solar power will make a difference, says Greens’ environment spokeswoman, Jane Garrett.

“We’ve been told that solar power is a great technology that will revolutionise the world, but we’ve also heard about the cost, the environmental impacts, and that it’s a big money-spinner,” she said.

“The Government’s new solar policy should provide a fairer price and more certainty for people who rely on solar power.”

Garrett says the Greens are concerned about the impact of a global solar price.

“A global solar policy that will bring down the price of solar will make all Australians, especially people living in remote and remote areas, more competitive in the global market, but it will also mean lower demand and a weaker solar industry,” she says.

“If we don’t act now, a global price will be the equivalent of a cut in power supplies to a town of 400 people.”

Greens believe that the Government’s policy on solar energy is a step in the right direction.

“It’s the first time that the Greens have had a public conversation on solar,” says Garrett.

“But the Government has a lot to do to get it right, and this is just one small step towards a global policy.”

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