How a $100,000 investment in renewable energy can drive the next $100 trillion in economic growth

The United States is the world’s largest consumer of electricity.

The United Kingdom is the second-largest.

China, by contrast, consumes less than one-fifth of the world total.

The fact that the U.S. and Britain are two of the top consumers of electricity makes the fact that we use so much electricity particularly significant, according to MIT energy economist Peter Boettke.

In his new book, The Next Big Energy Future, Boettkel explores how the growth of renewables will be used to drive the economic growth of the 21st century.

Boettk’s research also highlights the importance of wind and solar power in the U: Wind is increasingly being used to provide power for homes and businesses, while solar power is a way for households and businesses to reduce their energy use.

Boetke’s research was published in the journal Energy Policy.

He spoke with NPR’s Robert Siegel.

Here are edited excerpts from the interview.

Robert SAGAN: I just wanted to start off by saying thank you very much for coming.

The book is called The Next Great Energy Future.

You mentioned solar power a little bit earlier.

Why did you want to do that?

Boettka: So, I’m really interested in how the United States and the United Kingdom and China and India are moving in this direction, and how we can make a difference in how we are powering our economies and how they are powering their economies.

One of the challenges is that in the United of America, there are very few markets for solar power.

So, when we talk about the United State, the United states is the largest consumer.

So the fact of the matter is that if you’re in New York City and you’re sitting at your home, you don’t get solar power because the market is dominated by New York.

In fact, we don’t even have a market for solar energy here in New Jersey.

And it is in the New York area.

So what I wanted to do is try to capture that and make it available to people.

I wanted a way to capture the markets for wind and sun and to capture solar power, because the solar industry has done very well in the last few years.

And there’s no question that solar is a very, very powerful industry.

But it’s not in the position that the United Nations has been for decades.

So I really wanted to capture a market here that was going to make a big difference.

SAGEN: That’s great.

How did you do that in your research?

Boetka: I did a study called The United Nations Solar Market and How It Has Changed over the Past 15 Years.

And I used data from the Solar Energy Industries Association, which is a trade association representing about 20 of the largest solar companies.

And they were able to track solar growth, and they were very interesting.

And the growth in solar is almost non-existent in the market, so they tracked the solar market, and that was interesting.

But the reason I wanted the market was because it’s very difficult for people to know what’s the best solar price in the world.

And so, the challenge is not just to get people to go to solar panels.

The challenge is to get them to pay for solar panels, because if you go to the store and say, oh, I’d like to buy solar panels for my roof, they’re not going to buy them because there are other prices that are cheaper, or they don’t have the capacity.

So if I want to make solar a more competitive market, I really need to capture those markets.

So in the solar markets, the market for wind is extremely small.

And in the wind markets, in fact, the wind market is not growing at all.

And then I wanted an opportunity to capture wind in the marketplace and say we have this incredible opportunity to make this market a lot bigger than it is right now, because we’re going to be able to capture all the market opportunities.

So that was the goal.

I thought that it was a really interesting and valuable exercise.

SGG: The way you capture the market in solar was by getting into the solar business, which in turn was very interesting to you because in the beginning you had a big solar industry.

How do you think the solar energy industry is going to evolve as the economy evolves?

Boette: We have a very good case study for solar that’s actually happening right now in California.

And this is going on in Europe, too.

So there are now solar power plants in California, and in the Middle East and Africa, and so forth.

And we have a good case to look at why this is happening.

And one of the things that really caught my attention was the fact in the past few years, the solar power industry has grown dramatically in the middle of the year.

So solar panels were coming in and coming out,

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