How China is boosting its military and military-focused technology to combat the United States

China has boosted its military-based energy technologies, as it seeks to build a military presence in its southern region of Xinjiang.

In a series of announcements last week, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) said it had installed a “dominion battery” in the remote region and that its energy generation capabilities had “significantly improved”.

Analysts have speculated that the battery, which can produce up to 4 megawatts of electricity per hour, could be a potential tool in the war with the United State.

The PLA has been working on the battery in secret for some time, and analysts said it could be the “next stage” in a plan to increase the PLA’s ability to produce power.

China’s government has previously said it aims to produce 1,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity from solar panels by 2020, and has promised to make a breakthrough in the field by 2020.

China has already invested more than $100 billion in the development of its energy industry, and President Xi Jinping has said the country’s goal is to produce more than 10,000 MW of power by 2030.

The announcement by China on Monday is the latest in a series that Beijing has made to increase its energy security in recent years.

Last year, the Communist Party’s top leadership said the party would develop its own “domination battery” to boost its energy production capacity.

In June, the country announced it had successfully deployed an energy grid that can harness energy from remote areas, including mountains and ocean, to power its cities.

Last month, China’s military also announced plans to build an electric vehicle battery.

China also has been expanding its military’s capabilities to combat what it calls the US and its allies’ “aggression” in Asia.

Last month, Beijing announced plans for the construction of a submarine base in the disputed South China Sea, a development that Beijing said would strengthen its military capabilities.

China’s defense ministry said last month it would spend $1.8 billion to build the second-largest airfield in the world, with the first to be operational by 2020 and the second in 2020.

The US military has long been concerned about China’s growing power, and recently it began to deploy warships and fighter jets in the region.US President Donald Trump has warned China against military adventurism, and the Pentagon has made no secret of its concerns over China’s ambitions.

The two countries have also clashed over territorial disputes in the South China and East China seas, where Beijing has deployed islands to assert its claim to the waterway.

The two sides have also engaged in proxy wars in the past, including a series between the Philippines and China in the 1950s.

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