How to make sure your home energy bill isn’t going up –

The price of solar panels has dropped, and solar energy has started to make a comeback in the US. 

However, many households still have electricity bills that are still too high. 

That’s because the cost of solar energy is still too low. 

Solar panels can’t compete with fossil fuels, or with nuclear energy, and they are not cost-competitive with other forms of energy. 

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the cost to install a solar panel in the United States in the first quarter of 2020 was just $0.13 per watt, a price that doesn’t include any taxes, subsidies, or fees. 

To put that in perspective, if a solar system cost $1,000 per watt in 2019, it would cost about $200 per year in 2020 to replace the system. 

Even if you were able to get a system for $1 million, you still need to replace your entire home. 

For that reason, many homeowners still don’t buy solar panels because they don’t believe they can compete. 

And the costs of solar, and the lack of competition, has pushed many homeowners into making big energy savings decisions.

Here’s how you can save on your solar power bills. 


Switch to a solar-powered home A solar-generated power system could be the best way to lower your electricity bills.

A solar-generating system uses solar panels to generate electricity, which is then stored in batteries.

When you switch to solar, the energy generated by the panels is converted to electricity and stored in the grid. 


Use a solar water heater Water heaters, or solar water heaters can be a great way to reduce your electric bills.

Solar water heat and batteries are both cheaper than conventional water heat, and are much more efficient than other forms. 

The batteries in a solar powered water heater can store and deliver electricity as needed. 


Switch out your electric car for a solar electric car A car with a solar battery or solar-electric motor can be an affordable and reliable way to cut your electric bill.

Solar electric cars can be very fuel efficient, and can save you money on fuel by avoiding the use of expensive fossil fuels. 


Cut your electric waste by 10 percent or more Electric waste is an enormous amount of money that must be eliminated. 


Make solar energy cheaper and safer by switching to a cheaper solar energy source. 

In 2017, a new report from the Solar Industry Association estimated that electric power generation from solar panels alone would generate enough electricity to power 1 million homes. 


Get rid of your electric meter and electric bill remindersThe energy companies that make energy meter software can use your energy billing information to sell you electricity at artificially high prices.

 You might think you are being charged too much, or that you should be paying more.

The truth is, most consumers don’t realize how much energy they waste every year when they sign up for energy bills.

They should be informed about the true cost of energy and have a way to pay less. 


Cut the number of people you call to make your energy bill payment The energy industry has been pushing for a system to make it easier for customers to make energy billing payments. 


Make your energy bills more accurateThe Energy Information Administration recently released a report that shows that a standard energy bill is more accurate when it’s based on a comparison of the cost and energy savings from energy sources. 


Use energy efficient appliances that use less energyThe energy efficiency of appliances is an important factor in reducing energy bills, but the best energy efficiency solutions are not energy efficient enough.

Solar energy can be used to provide the most energy efficient solutions, but if you use solar energy to heat or cool your home, it may cause more problems than it solves.


Get an energy auditYou can get an energy efficiency audit of your home.

This can be done by an energy inspector or an energy management company, or it can be conducted by a professional service provider.

The Energy Audit Report from the US Energy Information Agency (EIA) provides more information on the energy efficiency and energy management of homes.

The EIA also has an online resource that helps homeowners make energy audits. 


Install solar energy-saving features in your home If you are planning to make solar energy an everyday part of your life, you can install solar energy energy-saver features in the home.

These solar panels, or panels that are attached to a wall or ceiling, will reduce the amount of energy that you use. 


Buy energy efficient home insulation products that are designed to reduce energy use and improve your energy efficiencyHome insulation products can reduce energy consumption, increase insulation quality, and reduce the heat that is generated during the winter months.


Use solar energy in the wintertime to reduce wintertime heating billsThe cost of

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