How to save on energy costs in the US and other countries

The US has a green energy boom, but the country has yet to achieve widespread deployment of the technology, according to a new report from a nonprofit.

The report, released Wednesday, says that despite the growth of wind, solar, hydro and geothermal energy, the US has the lowest installed capacity per person in the world.

The US ranks 28th in the Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Index, with an annual emissions of 0.04 grams per person, according the report.

The United States ranks 12th in terms of per capita greenhouse gas emissions, at 1.15 grams per capita.

The US ranks 16th in gross national product per person.

The Greenhouse Gases Index, which ranks developed and developing countries based on their emissions, is based on the difference between the global average and a “greenhouse gas” value of 5.0, according a press release.

The index, which is based in London, uses an annual value of carbon dioxide of 7,500 tons per person to determine its rank.

The index was created in 2006.

The number of wind turbines in the United States has risen by more than 1,000 in the past year, but installation has lagged behind.

That could be due to the economic downturn, which has been a drag on energy-intensive construction projects.US President Donald Trump has promised to ramp up investment in the electric grid.

But the report says the US still lags behind the global leaders in terms that energy efficiency, solar power, wind power and geotechnical resources are among the most important factors.

The report does not provide a figure for the total installed capacity of the US.

The world is already more energy efficient than the US, according.

In 2016, China overtook the US to become the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases.

China has also been installing a lot more wind turbines than the United Kingdom.

The ranking also shows that solar power still lagged far behind the United states in terms the country had installed its first gigawatt of solar power in 2014.

The Global Greenhouses Index, released in 2017, was based on an index that took into account the total amount of carbon emissions generated by the energy sector.

The U.S. is ranked 30th on the index for carbon emissions per person and 11th for emissions per dollar, according The Greenhouse Index.

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