‘Monster Energy’ supercross rumour has it right

A rumour circulating online claims that the Monster Energy supercross racing drink is actually Monster Energy’s own energy drink.

Monster Energy says the rumour is a “stupid lie”.

The rumour comes from the same people who peddled the “Monster Energy” rumour that claims the drink contains a tonne of energy.

“We’ve seen a lot of misinformation, and a lot that’s inaccurate,” Monster Energy spokesperson Jason Clark said.

“The Monster Energy drink is not Monster Energy.

There is no Monster Energy logo on it.”

Monster Energy has not partnered with Monster Energy to launch a new energy drink in Australia.

“The rumoured energy drink is believed to be Monster Energy energy drink Monster Energy Supercross rumoured rumour Monster Energy has no connection to the rumoured Monster Energy drinks.

MonsterEnergy.com The rumours are not true.

The rumouring originated with an Australian woman who was not in the race when it happened and did not know the rumours were true.

This woman’s post has been shared thousands of times.

She wrote: “I was a little worried that I may be at the end of my journey when I first heard the rumble.

“My plan was to just go for a run in the morning and try to take my energy to the next level.

But the rumors started coming in at about 3.30am.

But then I started feeling a bit better.” “

At first I thought I might have a heart attack.

But then I started feeling a bit better.”

The woman told ABC Radio Melbourne the rumor had nothing to do with her health, and the rumouring was just her “jealousy” of the race.

“I’m not jealous.

I just don’t believe it,” she said.

The woman said she was not bothered about the rumored energy drink being “sold” as Monster Energy by the rumormongers.

“It’s not real.

They can do whatever they want,” she told ABC Melbourne.

“They can use it in their business.

It’s just a crazy rumour.”

The post has since been shared more than 4,000 times.

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