Peabody Energy CEO: ‘We’re not a victim’

Next Big Energy CEO Jeffery Fetterman says he’s not a “victim” and is proud to be a PEIer.

The PEI energy company, which was acquired by Peaboys in 2014, says it has a long history of investing in renewable energy, including wind, solar and hydro.

Fettermans comments come amid a wave of negative headlines in recent weeks over the PEI’s climate and environmental record.

Fetters comments came during an interview with CBC News, which also featured comments from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said PEI is a leader in renewable technologies and a strong advocate for its citizens.

“We’re a leader.

We’re going to make PEI the leader in energy.

And we’re not going to be left behind.

We will be leading the way in renewable,” Fettermann said.

“There are two issues that we need to look at, and that’s the energy security of our population and how we can get more people to move into the city.

And that’s what we’re going for. “

But we are a leader, and we’re a world leader.

And that’s what we’re going for.

And if we don’t, we’re in trouble.”

Fettermens comments come after PEI announced plans to invest more than $20 million in wind turbines and other renewable energy projects, including $6.5 million for solar power projects.

FETERMANS RESPONSE TO PEI PRESS RELEASE ON ENERGY SECURITY IN PEI As a PEi company, PEI Energy is not a beneficiary of any government policies or regulations, Fettermills statement said.

He said the PEi Energy CEO also spoke at a PEIO conference in October 2016, where he praised the “energy security of PEI, and the commitment of PEIO to investing in clean, green energy.”

Fettings remarks came a day after Prime Minister Trudeau visited PEIO in Halifax, where PEIO has offices.

Trudeau was introduced by PEIO CEO, Paul Fettermen, as a supporter of the PEIO brand.

PEIO President and CEO, Ron McLeod, also attended the meeting, and he also spoke about the need to create “energy jobs.”

“There is a huge opportunity here, and this is what’s going to give us the energy jobs of the future,” McLeod said.

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