The Most Powerful Man in the World: The New York Times headline

New York, New York (CNN) — In his final weeks as the world’s most powerful man, Donald Trump will have to do some real work to convince the rest of us that he’s the best of the best.

But in the meantime, the man who once was a pariah on the political stage has anointed a new leader for the United States.

 The New York Post reports: The new president will have one major task: To convince the American people that his successor can do better.

In his final months as president, Trump has been careful not to make any sweeping sweeping changes.

He has made his choice of new secretary of the treasury a major priority.

And the administration has said that it intends to spend the next two years fighting to reduce the debt.

But he has also been careful to point out that he is the one who can help the U.S. move forward on a number of domestic and foreign issues.

Trump is expected to announce his choice for secretary of state, which will be a key position, along with the president’s choice for attorney general, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Trump has said he intends to nominate an experienced diplomat who is familiar with the United Nations and international law.

The president also will be seeking a new U.N. ambassador, a position that Giuliani has been considered for.

But it is also expected that Trump will seek to boost defense spending, and his choice to head the Department of Veterans Affairs will likely come down to a tough selection of a secretary of education.

The president also has been preparing for a debate that he has called the “biggest and most important” since his election.

On Wednesday, he is expected in his first press conference since the inauguration.

And Trump has a number more important events on his mind as he enters the final weeks of his presidency, including a speech in South Carolina on Wednesday night.

Trump is also scheduled to address the United Nation General Assembly on Thursday morning.

For now, Trump’s focus will be on keeping up his campaign promises, which he is calling the “Make America Great Again” slogan.

He will also be meeting with business leaders to try to make them feel like they are part of the administration, which has been criticized for being too closed to the private sector.

The speech on Wednesday will also serve as the last major public appearance for Trump, and will likely be a major test for the White House’s credibility as a government and as a governing party.

As Trump begins his final days in office, he has made it clear that he expects to make significant changes.

“He wants to be a president who can be a realist,” said Republican strategist Rick Wilson.

“He has the experience.

He’s a real deal.

And he’s going to be very focused on keeping the promise that he made to his supporters.”

But for the president to succeed, Trump will also need to make some big decisions.

And his biggest challenge will be convincing Americans that he can be trusted to make good decisions and make a strong presidency.

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