What’s next for Wpx energy?

Wpx Energy, the world’s largest supplier of solar energy to homes, businesses, and transportation, announced today that it will open an all-new business called Wpx Renewables, in a move that will focus on energy storage.

Wpx Renewable will focus solely on solar energy storage, according to the company’s announcement, and its customers will be able to purchase a device from its marketplace, as well as a product in its “storage and backup product line.”

The announcement comes after Wpx announced earlier this month that it would be adding solar storage to its products line in an effort to become a leader in the industry.

In February, Wpx’s CEO said that Wpx would focus its business on providing energy storage for homes, but that the company would also “continue to be an energy storage company in the world.”

The Wpx product line, including solar energy solutions, is expected to include storage devices and accessories, according the company.

Wyxenergy, the company that owns the all-electric car brand, has been pushing for the creation of a “smart grid” as part of its electric car plans.

Tesla, meanwhile, recently announced a new “smart-grid” technology, which would allow Tesla owners to connect to the grid via solar panels and batteries.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, WyxEnergy CEO Michael Johnson said the company was exploring “all of the different things we could do to help the world have a truly smart grid.”

The company has also made strides toward creating a solar energy “smart” battery for its vehicles, which can store solar energy and use it to power their batteries.

The Wyx Energy company said that it has sold 2,600,000 batteries and that it is “looking at adding as many as 20,000 more batteries to our system.”

Wyx Energy said that its business will focus primarily on its “Smart Energy Grid” product line.

Johnson told Bloomberg that it was also considering a “Smart Grid” in the automotive industry.

Wyxenergy is currently planning to expand into energy storage devices for the home and businesses, Johnson added.

Wpx said that the expansion into energy energy storage will be “based on our ability to offer customers the most competitive price point and the widest variety of products.”

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