When Dominion Energy launches ‘dominion’ energy balls recipe

AUSTIN, Texas — Dominion Energy, a Houston-based company that sells energy-efficient products to companies, is launching a new line of energy-free, disposable products this week that will sell for $19.99 per ball.

Dominion is the first company to market and market energy-friendly energy balls, which are designed to be dropped in a trash can.

The company says the balls are made of recycled polyester and can be recycled after they have been worn down.

“When we first started looking into the idea of making energy balls for our customers, we saw that there are a lot of companies out there who make energy balls that are disposable, but they’re not energy-neutral,” said Kevin Cramer, chief marketing officer of Dominion.

“They don’t come with a warranty.

They don’t contain the ingredients to ensure you’re not poisoning your water supply.

And they’re really not recyclable either.”

Dominion says its balls come in two sizes: small and large.

Small balls are ideal for use in a bathroom sink, while large balls are better for use around the house.

Each ball comes in a bag that is labeled “dominion” and can fit into the smallest bathroom sink.

Domination has sold energy balls to companies like Samsung, Target, and Walmart, among others.

The company is launching two types of energy balls: “Dominion Balls,” which are made from recycled polyesters, and “Domination Power Balls,” made from petroleum-based materials, both of which are available for $9.99.

Both are available in sizes that can fit a standard 2-gallon bucket, as well as a 4-gallons or 8-gallows.

Cramer said Dominion’s balls are the first in the industry to make use of materials made with recycled materials.

“Our goal is to give the consumer an alternative that is environmentally friendly and recyclably-sourced,” he said.

“Domion energy balls are designed with the consumer in mind, but are also eco-friendly, and can help keep your home energy-saving, too.”

The energy balls can also be used for outdoor activities, like gardening or yard maintenance, or can be thrown into a washing machine to dry and clean.

Cameras are also available for sale in Dominion balls, and the company is developing a range of apps that will make it easier for consumers to make energy-based home improvements like installing a solar panel or turning on lights.

“Dominion energy balls will be a great way for consumers who want to get energy-conscious, but don’t want to waste energy,” Cramer said.

“They will help save a lot on energy bills.”

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