Which states are the hottest states in the US?

The average American is experiencing an unprecedented heat wave this summer, but not everyone is enjoying the conditions.

According to a new report from the Climate Intelligence Unit, more than 70% of Americans are experiencing the hottest temperatures in the United States in June.

Here are the 10 hottest states:1.

Colorado: 41 degrees Celsius2.

California: 44.8 degrees3.

Texas: 45 degrees4.

New York: 47 degrees5.

Vermont: 46.5 degreesThe United States has experienced more than 2.8°C of warming in the last six years, and the hottest June on record was recorded in Texas.

According the Climate Center, the hottest days in the contiguous U.S. in June were June 2 and 6, 2016, when Texas saw a record-setting temperature of 40.9°C.

While the heat has been brutal in the Midwest, in the West, and in some parts of the country, the heat in the Great Lakes has been particularly devastating.

The region is facing a particularly tough stretch of the summer due to the melting of the ice and thawing of the water.

As the lakes recede, their lakes and rivers are more susceptible to the water, and water levels are rising.

The Great Lakes have been the source of much of the global warming that has been linked to climate change.

This summer has been especially harsh, and some experts believe the melting will only continue to accelerate in the coming decades.1.

Minnesota: 40.5°C2.

Michigan: 39.5 °C3.

Minnesota, Wisconsin: 40°C4.

Illinois: 39 °C5.

Michigan, Indiana: 40 °C6.

Ohio: 39°C7.

New Jersey: 39 ± 2 °C8.

Pennsylvania: 39ºC9.

Wisconsin: 38°CThe Great Lakes are melting faster than anyone could have predicted, and with that, climate change will only get worse.

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