Why Duke Energy is getting into the energy drink craze

The Duke Energy Inc. has joined the energy drinks craze with its own energy drink line, “Ghost Energy.”

The company has launched a website and a series of promotional videos that describe its product as “the ultimate in energy,” the “ultimate in nutrition,” and “the Ultimate in Fitness.”

The “Ghost” Energy Drink is a non-alcoholic drink that is supposed to help you lose weight and improve your stamina and health, the company said.

The energy drink’s ingredients are mostly water, sugar and natural flavors and flavors.

“Our energy drink is the best in the world,” said Duke Energy’s president and CEO Michael P. Hulshof.

“The energy drinks industry is booming right now and it’s just been amazing to see the tremendous growth.”

The new “Ghost,” a line that comes in flavors like “Ghostberry,” “Ghostfruit,” and more, will be available in cans, bottles and bottles with “The Duke Energy Experience,” the company’s slogan.

It is being offered in the U.S. only.

The company also has a line of energy drinks for adults.

It calls them “Duke Energy Energy,” “Energy Drink Zero,” “Power Drink Zero” and “Energy Wave.”

The name is a play on the words “energy” and the drink, and “Duck” is a reference to a popular character from Disney’s “Frozen.”

The “Ducks” are a popular ice cream flavor.

The company has not said when the “Dude” and other names for the energy-boosting drink will be added.

Duke also announced plans to create an energy drink company.

The Duke brand, which includes the name Duke Energy, is expected to expand to include its own brands, including its own “Ducky” energy drink, a line in flavors such as “Dumpster Diving,” and a line for children.

The Duke company, along with others including PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, said it will partner with a number of health care and beverage companies to provide nutrition information, including a health information website that will have “DUKE.”

Duke, which has been selling energy drinks since the 1970s, is in the midst of a major overhaul to the way it sells and markets its products.

The changes include making energy drinks more affordable and better selling them at lower prices.

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